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Looking for a maintenance company to handle everything from cleaning, to netting, to equipment repairs at an upfront cost? These pool companies have transparent pricing and maintenance checklists to ensure you know what you are getting and what exactly you are paying for.

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Georgetown Texas:
Pool Maintenance of Georgetown Texas
1211 Northwest Boulevard
Georgetown, TX 78628
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Pool Maintenance of Cedar Park Texas
11200 Lakeline Mall Drive
Cedar Park, TX 78613
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Pool Maintenance of Pflugerville Texas
19000 Limestone Commercial Dr
Pflugerville, TX 78660
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Pool Maintenance of Austin Texas
2019 South 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704
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Pool Maintenance of Round Rock Texas
201 University Oaks Boulevard #540
Round Rock, TX 78664
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The Above Maintenance Companies Repair/Service Polaris Cleaners

By far the most popular brand of automatic pool cleaners is the Polaris pool cleaners. There are two types of cleaners that the Polaris Company makes today: robotic cleaners and pressure cleaners. Along with these cleaners, the Polaris Company also has a line of booster pumps to power many of their pressure cleaners. Polaris has stayed on top of the pool cleaner industry for many reasons like affordability, technological advancements, and high quality products. It is these reasons that the majority of our customers have a Polaris in their pool.

Polaris has seven different models of Robotic cleaners, all of which are powered by an external battery that allows for hours of cleaning. There are two types of robotic cleaners, the four wheeled models and the two wheeled models. These robotic cleaners give an all-around clean to your pool, cleaning the walls, floors, and tile line of your pool.

The next type of pool cleaners offered by the Polaris Company is their pressure cleaners, which are by far the most popular type of cleaner the Polaris sells. These cleaners are attached to the return line of your pool, either from your booster pump or a wall socket which provides a jet flow that powers the moving and the suction of your cleaner. These cleaners provide coverage of your entire pool and can be set to run for any allotted time.

With the amount of products, level of customer satisfaction, and high quality products have made Polaris a household name for pool owners, which is one of the reason we recommend these cleaners to our customers. Directory Updated: Nov 2018